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On Tuesday 21 April, President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered a national address to all South Africans regarding the Covid-19 lockdown situation in our country. Some of his closing statements encapsulated the same focus that the InteliChem Group has on transformation in South Africa. Herewith an extract of his speech:

“We will – and we must – do whatever it takes to recover from this human, social and economic crisis. Our country and the world we live in will never be the same. We are resolved not merely to return our economy to where it was before the coronavirus, but to forge a new economy in a new global reality. Our economic strategy going forward will require a new social compact among all role players – business, labour, community and government – to restructure the economy and achieve inclusive growth.

Our new economy must be founded on fairness, empowerment, justice and equality. It must use every resource, every capability and every innovation we have in the service of the people of this country. Our new economy must open new horizons and offer new opportunities.”

Why is transformation important?

With our uniquely diverse nation, it is imperative to grow together and share knowledge and expertise to build towards a better and sustainable agricultural future for all.

Agricultural transformation will bring about:

  • The kick-start of a country’s economy; especially in the rural areas.
  • The upliftment of previously disadvantaged people as inclusive partners in the food supply chain.
  • Set the stage for an improved balance in the ownership and management.
  • Contributing to job creation and building a nation.
  • Improve food security for vulnerable communities.

Listen to Gideon Hefer, CEO of the InteliChem Group, discuss the topic of transformation in agriculture.

How will the InteliChem approach transformation and inclusiveness?

InteliChem is committed to bringing about transformation and inclusiveness to the South African agricultural sector. Instead of sharing the current sector into smaller divided parts, our vision is to:

  • increase the creation of new jobs,
  • increase yield and quality of produce to ensure food security for our nation,
  • expand the total size of the agricultural sector.

We aim to achieve this in a positive and inclusive manner, benefitting growers from all backgrounds and cultures. InteliChem is actively involved in several training programmes in the upliftment and skills transfer within the agricultural sector.

It is the responsibility of everyone in the agricultural industry to understand, embrace and implement inclusiveness in order for it to be a prosperous sector.

InteliChem Group recently announced a transaction whereby a diversified majority black-owned and -controlled investment company, Masimong Holdings acquired a significant shareholding in InteliChem. The transaction paves the way for one of the first major black empowerment transactions in the agricultural input sector. The Masimong shareholding will complement the vision of InteliChem to grow its intelligent crop solutions offering and contribute to the inclusive growth of the South African agricultural industry.

As a group with a broad footprint in South Africa, we have engaged in a comprehensive transformation plan as part of our future growth path. The involvement of Masimong is an important building block in the execution of this strategy. Masimong is an important strategic partner that will not only help to elevate the group and its profile, but also assist the group to expand its leading role in the input sector.

Masimong CEO Althea Discala said: “We are excited to join InteliChem as a key shareholder as part of our vision towards making strategic investments in the agricultural industry. The complementary vision of the two enterprises will provide unique opportunities that would be mutually beneficial.”

Both parties believe there are a number of opportunities for collaboration, where Masimong could assist InteliChem in its growth initiatives

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