About us


Our philosophy

A Commitment to Transformation

Transformation is entrenched in our investment philosophy and culture.

We invest to grow a portfolio that is best-in-class and makes a meaningful contribution to the lives of people and communities. 

A 100% black management team
In line with our empowerment philosophy, Masimong Group is lead and managed by a diverse team.

Who we are

Our People

Our people are the building blocks of the company.

We therefore focus on a holistic approach to retention, which focuses on fair remuneration, growth and development, as well as creating a unified culture of openness and respect. We uphold professionalism and excellence.

Our people

The Masimong

Employee Trust

The trust is set up principally for the benefit of its employees.

With a ‘work for the business and own shares in the business’ philosophy, the trust provides equity participation for various black employees.

Masimong Group Holdings Sustainability Foundation
Masimong Foundation Sustainability

Masimong Foundation

The Masimong Foundation was created in 2018 and aims to uplift and empower women and youth through development programmes, community initiatives and monetary contributions. The Foundation’s core focus is on education and community skills development initiatives.