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About Masimong

Masimong Group was established in 2013 as an investment holding company focused on empowerment, growth and value creation.

With firm roots in the mining industry, the company has also diversified into agricultural, financial services and industrial investments to take advantage of value opportunities. We are committed to continuously growing our asset base within these sectors, and look forward to creating a best-in-class investment company that makes a significant contribution to our nation.

Masimong's diversified investment portfolio focuses on four key sectors:

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Who we are

Our Purpose

We exist to:

  • Create growing and sustainable value for our stakeholders and ensure empowerment across critical sectors of the South African economy.
  • To build a respected, larger scale, black-owned and controlled investment group through disciplined investing in high quality people, businesses and opportunities.
Masimong Our Purpose
What we believe

Our Values

Masimong Values Icons Masimong Our Values Icon Respect
Masimong Values Icons Masimong Our Values Icon Integrity
Masimong Values Icons Masimong Our Values Icon Agility
Masimong Values Icons Masimong Our Values Icon Excellence
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What we promise

Our Commitment

  • Be an active investor with a proven track record.
  • Contribute to financial robustness in all our investments.
  • Consistently demonstrate excellent performance by a qualified and experienced executive team with strong business and financial acumen.
  • Secure long-term relationships with banking partners.
  • Invest in strategic partners with long-term growth potential.
  • Sustain a Level 2 BBBEE rating.
  • Facilitate socio-economic growth and development in the sectors in which we operate, as well as in communities as a whole.

Our leadership team

Where we come from

Our History

Founded in 2013 by the merger of Mike Teke and Douglas Gain’s assets, Masimong was born out of the need to create an innovative approach to growth and socio-economic development in South Africa.

With strong backgrounds in the mining sector, they identified mining, agriculture, financial services and industrial as the sectors with the most strategic importance to the country, as well as the greatest potential for growth.

Optimistic about South Africa’s future, they decided to focus on outputs critical to the country’s long-term success, namely commodities such as coal, commercial farming, financial services, and industrial production and distribution. These, they believed, offered both the best potential for growth as well as the development potential necessary to address such persistent problems as poverty, food security and safe water.

With this in mind, they set about rationalising the investment portfolio, selling off non-core assets that did not fit with the Group’s strategic profile and making major acquisitions in the four identified sectors. Masimong intends to grow its assets under management within the foreseeable future and to continue to set a new standard as a best-in-class, diversified, majority black-owned and controlled investment company.

“In forming the Group we took a decision to focus on empowerment, growth and value creation by taking advantage of investment opportunities in core strategic sectors that support both economic growth and social development in South Africa.”

/ Mike Teke

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