Our sustainable programme

Masimong Foundation


Uplift, Empower and Inspire

Established in 2018, the non-profit organisation, Masimong Foundation, recognises the social challenges affecting our country and aims to work hand in hand with partners and communities to create meaningful and sustainable programmes.

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Core Focus Areas

  • Promoting and Advancing Education
    We provide assistance and support to scholars and schools
  • Uplifting, Empowering and Inspiring
    We provide skills development and support those who are vulnerable
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Mission Statement

Masimong Foundation aims to uplift the community, empower and inspire the youth of South Africa through education, development programmes and community initiatives.



We aim to uplift our communities and extend a helping hand to those who are vulnerable and need care.


We aim to empower the youth to ensure that they are fully equipped to be the leaders of tomorrow.


We aim to inspire South Africa’s young leaders and provide them with the necessary tools to grow and become empowered individuals.

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Our Team

  • Mike Teke – Founder & Director
  • Sandi Teke – Founder and Managing Director
  • Logamal Ramiah – Chairperson and Director
  • Doug Gain – Director

We also aim to work alongside various stakeholders within the Masimong Group and investee companies to achieve our principal objectives.