Investing in Industrial

Our investment portfolio in the industrial sector includes Rolfes, a leading solutions driven chemical specialist provider and Enzyme Technologies, a South African based biotechnology company.

Masimong Industrial

Our Investment Portfolio

Masimong Portfolio Logos Seriti Masimong Portfolio Logo Rolfes Group
Rolfes Holdings

Rolfes is a black empowered platform chemical group. Targeting the global need for security, clean water and manufacturing demand, the group manufactures and distributes a wide range of market-leading high quality chemical and organic products to various industries through their Agricultural, Food, Industrial and Water divisional platforms.

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Masimong Portfolio Logos Seriti Masimong Portfolio Logo Enzyme Technologies
Enzyme Tech

Enzyme Tech is a biotechnology company based in Durban, South Africa, which specialises in the production of high quality bromalain, an active enzyme found in pineapple stems which is used medicinally for various human and veterinary applications.

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