A diversified portfolio of attractive

and scalable investment

Our diversified portfolio of assets focuses on key sectors within the South African economy including mining, agriculture, financial services, and industrial.

We seek to grow and achieve superior long term capital appreciation and growing by investing in scalable, high quality assets with partners that share in our values and investment outlook.


Our investment portfolio

Masimong Seriti
Seriti Resources Holdings (PTY) LTD:

Seriti Resources Holdings is a black-owned and controlled coal mining company that supplies 23% of Eskom’s annual coal requirements. Seriti has three main coal operations namely Kriel, New Denmark and New Vaal.  Masimong is one of four key shareholders in Seriti.

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Masimong Portfolio Logos Seriti Masimong Portfolio Logos Masimong Energy
Masimong Energy (PTY) LTD:

Lephahale Coal and Power Project is a large scale, green-fields thermal coal and power project situated in the Waterberg region of SA.

Masimong Portfolio Logo Southern Cross
Southern Cross Investment Holdings (PTY) LTD

Southern Cross is a producer and exporter of table grapes as well as Medjool and Zamli dates located in the Northern Cape.

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Masimong Portfolio Logo Mouton Citrus
Mouton Holdings (PTY) LTD

Mouton Citrus is one of South Africa’s leading growers and exporters of top quality citrus fruit and Rooibos tea located in the Western Cape.

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Based in the Western Cape, Intelichem is a specialised crop solution business for a variety of crops that compliments & partners with both growers & producers alike in the whole foods supply chain.

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Masimong Portfolio Logos Seriti Masimong Portfolio Logo Rolfes Group
Rolfes Holdings Limited

Rolfes is a listed black empowered platform chemical group. The group targets the need for food security, clean water and manufacturing demand through its four strategically placed divisions being agricultural food, industrial and water expanding progressively in domestic, developed and foreign emerging markets.

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Masimong Portfolio Logos Seriti Masimong Portfolio Logo Enzyme Technologies
Enzyme Tech (PTY) LTD

Enzyme Tech is a biotechnology company based in Durban, South Africa, which specialises in the production of high quality bromalain, an active enzyme found in pineapple stems which is used medicinally for various human and veterinary applications.

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Masimong Portfolio Logos Seriti Masimong Portfolio Logo Anchor Capital
Anchor Capital Limited

Anchor Capital is one of South Africa’s leading providers of wealth and asset management services, both locally and globally. It offers a broad range of local and global investment solutions for individuals, financial advisors and institutions. Anchor is listed on the JSE.

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Masimong Portfolio Logos Seriti Masimong Portfolio Logo Green Hat
Green Hat Team (PTY) LTD

The Green Hat Team is an informal marketing and agency business which currently specialises in the sale and distribution of funeral policies for specific South African underwriters.

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Masimong Portfolio Logos Seriti Masimong Portfolio Logo Cratos Capital
Cratos Capital (PTY) LTD

Cratos Capital is a specialist boutique investment and advisory house which offers a complete broking service to institutions and private clients as well as a professional and world class trading desk.

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