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The worldwide landscape of agriculture is changing fast and to be able to provide customers with the best solutions, the WinField United South Africa Group was formed after a merger between Villa Crop Protection and the InteliChem Group in March 2021.

The combination of these established agricultural leaders in South Africa creates a platform for a large scale of possibilities, including technology, scientific data, best genetic seed provision, and an unbeatable portfolio in crop protection solutions.

With this new venture, WinField United South Africa has also engaged in a transformation plan as part of its future development efforts, benefiting producers from all backgrounds and cultures. The involvement of the Masimong Group, a diversified, majority black owned and controlled investment holding company focused on empowerment, growth, and value creation, is an important building block in the execution of this strategy.

“Masimong is committed to playing an active role in the agriculture sector,” said Althea Discala, CEO of the Masimong Group. “We are extremely proud of our investment in the business, our partnership and alignment with WinField United and our stakeholders. We look forward to making a significant difference in the sector.”

With South Africa’s uniquely diverse nation, it is imperative to grow together and share knowledge and expertise to build towards a better and sustainable agricultural future for all. Agricultural transformation will bring about the uplifting of previously disadvantaged people as inclusive partners in the food production and supply chain, which will contribute to job creation, nation building, and improved food security for vulnerable communities.

“Masimong Group holdings is committed to building a business, investing and operating in different sectors which include Mining, Agriculture, Financial Services and Industrial,” said Mike Teke, Chairman of the Masimong Group. “Winfield United fits into our strategy and we commit to support the growth of this business into the future to empower all stakeholders. We are also committed to working with the leadership and our shareholder partners.”

Newly appointed WinField United South Africa CEO, Jan Vermaak, added: “Our goal is to build a leading and sustainable agricultural company in South Africa which will benefit all stakeholders. Together, we will bring new ideas and new ways to advance our network of customers, farmers, and move the entire South African agricultural industry towards the future.”

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