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Paving the way for equality & diversity.
Women in key leadership roles within the banking, investment and agricultural sectors were invited by Masimong Group to come together to share insights and discuss actionable ideas to give women the life and business skills needed to unlock their leadership potential across all sectors.

The keynote speaker was Konehali Gugushe, the acting Chief Executive of the Land Bank, and a member of the African Leadership Programme. Her inspiring words and wisdom, along with a palpable positivity, underscored her talent as a role model for women in leadership.

Inspirational Women
As to the women they looked to for inspiration and counsel, the breadth of examples were a testament to the resourcefulness and creativity that has led to their collective successes in leadership roles. From dedicated mothers who demonstrated an iron will that prioritised the future success of their child against many odds, to the prolific dynamism of Oprah Winfrey and the self-proclaimed, “Mom-in-Chief”, Michelle Obama, who was very outspoken about inequality and the idea that true leadership included a deep compassion for people from all walks of life.

Towards actionable initiatives
The overarching themes for suggested empowerment initiatives were education and activities that would build confidence and inspire women to tap into their expressive nature.
The focus areas in education were financial literacy, learnership opportunities for women to take up leadership positions and to increase the number of women represented in the sciences and in the various fields of research. Making women a part of the very fabric that governs a country and steers the future of a nation.

Empowerment. At the heart of Masimong culture & investment philosophy.
The breakfast was concluded with a collective commitment to continue to learn and support each other in informal gatherings along with sharing innovative ideas of potential initiatives to build a foundation to grow powerful women in leadership.
As the CEO and Executive Director of Masimong Group, Althea Discala leads a dynamic all black female leadership and management team, which is a testament to the transformation culture and philosophy of the Masimong Group.

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