Masimong Group is a diversified majority black owned
and controlled investment company focused on driving
sustainable long-term growth and value creation within
our investment portfolio of sizeable listed
and unlisted businesses.

Adding value

The Masimong

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy lies in our long-term outlook, strategically aligned
partnerships and our ability to actively add value to our investment companies.

This allows us to grow a diversified investment portfolio, generate stable yields and create sustainable social impact. Under the leadership of Mike Teke, the company has become recognised for its focus on value creation as well as the enhancement of empowerment across a range of diversified industries and sectors.

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A diversified portfolio

The Masimong

Investment Strategy

Masimong has a diversified portfolio of assets focusing on critical sectors within the South African economy including mining, agriculture, financial services and industrial. We look to grow aggressively within these sectors by investing in scalable, high quality assets with partners that share in our values and investment outlook.  

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Latest News
30th Apr 2020

Transformation in the South African agricultural sector

Dear Reader, On Tuesday 21 April, President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered a national address to all South Africans regarding the Covid-19 lockdown situation in our country. Some of his closing statements…
Latest News
19th Nov 2019

InteliChem attracts strong empowerment partner

InteliChem Group, the Stellenbosch-based provider of crop solutions to the agricultural industry, has announced a transaction whereby diversified majority black-owned and -controlled investment company, Masimong Holdings, acquired a 47,6% interest…
An Inspirational and Educational Women’s Day Breakfast. Hosted by the Masimong Group. Latest News
17th Oct 2019

An Inspirational and Educational Women’s Day Breakfast. Hosted by the Masimong Group.

Paving the way for equality & diversity. Women in key leadership roles within the banking, investment and agricultural sectors were invited by Masimong Group to come together to share insights…
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